Top 7 Things To Grow Your Business Online

Everybody wants to grow their business, but almost 90% of new marketers fail to do that.

In this post we will see 7 things that you can do to grow your business online.


1.Stop Doing Everything

If you think you can do everything then am sorry but you are wrong. There are thousands of talented people online that can get things done for you and for cheap.

Building a business online is not only about achieving financial freedom, but also achieving the “time” freedom. If you are into online marketing then I guess you want to have free time to spend with your friends and family.

If you want to do “everything”, say goodbye to free time.

2. Promote Only High-Ticket Products

When I started promoting high-ticket quality products and I was really amazed and really laugh back looking in the past that I was trying to make a $15 commission.

It is much easier and profitable to sell one product that pays a $1500 commission than to sell 100 units of a $15 commission to generate the same commission payout.


3.Create Systems

Almost everything can be documented into a system. I wish I had done this earlier so the transition of a task to an employee or outsourcer would have been much easier.

4.Stay Focused

Ah yes, the classic “shiny-object” syndrome that almost all of us have suffered from. I can’t count how many webinars I have attended touting the next greatest thing online when those hours could have been put into working on what was already profitable for me.



5.Do NOT Try To Please Everyone

I like to be a people pleaser, but it can be time consuming when you have to deal with negative people all the time. I used to answer to all these people and at the end of the day I was full on negativity.

Some people just can’t be helped and it’s better to by-pass them because am telling you, you will save lots of time!

You want to create your perfect prospect, and keep working around that sample.


6.Focus On Building An Email List

This is the biggest regret. Put emphasis on building list more efficiently.

Start by testing opt-in forms and squeeze pages to to test your conversions.

Always capture your prospects emails or details.


7.Email More Often And Get More Personal

Get in touch with your prospects and start emails them almost daily. You need to get in contact with them and show them who you are, what do you, show them proofs of what you are promoting.

Most important is to help if anyone needs help. I always reply maximum 1-2 hours after they send me an email. I suggest you do the same if you don’t already.




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