Your Road To The Success

Let’s talk about the people who can affect your road to the success.

Maybe you have just started your own business or started working to online marketing.

Whatever is that you are doing am sure there must be some people, friends, family or whoever who are telling you can’t make it.

“This is a scam, you will lose your money, you know nothing about marketing you know nothing about business

And a bunch more words.

Because that what is really about. Those are just words.

Of course those people are doing it for your own good. Well that’s what they think because they know you and care about you and they don’t want to see you fail.

But if you let those words to affect your mindset and your goals, then you might as well forget your dream.

You have already failed.

The most important thing is your mindset.

We people have this powerful part of our brain called frontal lope.

Frontal lobe is what makes us so special and able to manifest our life.

The frontal lobe is the resting place of our conscious awareness.

When we are the most conscious and the most aware, our frontal lobe is at the maximum activity.

So how can you manifest things?

The first step is becoming aware and conscious.

Becoming aware and conscious of your every un-conscious though.

If you think by conscious then you can simply choose what to think.

What comes in your mental factory.

If you think un-consciously then you let all of your thoughts to be controlled by your un-consciousness.

I highly recommend reading the book of Dr. Joe Dispenza called Evolve Your Brain: The Science Of Changing Your Mind.


You will understand exactly how our brain works and why is so powerful that you can manifest anything you want.

By becoming conscious you can then control what you think.

When you think of something you basically create an emotion.

Our brain is creating something called synaptic connections.

Then neurons organize those connections into different networks and also release chemicals that trigger specific feelings.

The more you think of it the more synaptic connections are created and therefor more chemicals are released.

Am not going to go any more deep into the neuro-science but when those chemicals and those synaptic connections are getting stronger they can affect your environment.

So in simple words if you are thinking about how bad life is and all you create is stress and negative specific emotions then these synaptic connections which are anger and stress will get stronger and stronger.

And vice versa if you leave the thoughts of stress then those synaptic connections will get weaker and weaker until those synaptic connections will be so weak that the specific emotion will be almost unknown to our brain in order to affect our lives.


If you think about how bless you are, and how you see yourself as a successful wealthy person then you will create those specific synaptic connections.

And while you repeat those thoughts and taking action the connection will get stronger and stronger and then the rest of the job is to the environment and the universe.

So by using our thoughts we can affect our future.

But is important to repeat thinking those thoughts in order to create more and stronger synaptic connections.

And here is when it comes the Law Of Repetition.

By constantly practicing something you get better and better at it.

If we can repeatedly think and act or experience anything, without our mind wandering to different thoughts, our brain will make stronger synaptic connections to facilitate to a new level of mind.

What you think is what you become.

Believe in yourself no matter what other people say.

Build your mindset and change the way you think.

Improve the way you think.

Think the way you would think if you had anything you ever wanted in your life.

Dr Joe Dispenza says:

Start thinking consciously whatever you want to become, create strong signals and repeat those thoughts every day like you actually living it.

Then you can rest back and be sure that the environment and the universe will bring it to you.

But, by just thinking and not experiencing which means not taking action then nothing is going to happen.

You need to take action and experience things.

Many times you may need to risk, you may need to work hard, and you may lose your time.

But along with the correct mindset all your dreams will come true.

Start thinking positively right now.

Time goes on; start thinking right before it’s too late!


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